Scientifc expedition "Proyecto Bellamar 2012-2"

Since 2003 Proyecto Bellamar joins cavers from Cuba and the rest of the world delivering high quality 3D multimedia products. It is now time to increase the scientific content of the project. Therefore, a scientific crew has been setup to study the genesis of the concretions of Santa Catalina cave. Six people: Esteban Grau (La Salle 3D – Fundacion A. N. Jiménez - Sociedadad Espeleologica de Cuba), Stefano Torriani, Tomaso Bontognali (ETH Zurich - Società Speleologica Svizzera), Jo De Waele, Ilenia D'Angeli (Università di Bologna – Società Speleologica Italiana) and Nicola Tisato (ETH Zurich – La Salle 3D - Società Speleologica Svizzera) will be caving and studying the Matanzas caves between 12th and 22nd of December 2012. The aim of the expedition is to provide an explanation on the formation of the famous “Mushrooms of Santa Catalina”, and eventually to link it to biological activity. In addition the scientists will try to better understand the genesis of the Matanzas caves linking it to the recent uplift of the zone. At the end, the research will be part of the Master thesis of Ilenia.