Andreas Shober


Born 06.05.1976 in Nürtingen near Stuttgart (south-west germany). Married and father of two childrens. Caver since 1995. Focus is since beginning the cave photography. Member of the speleo clubs: ARGE Höhle&Karst Grabenstetten, HHV Laichingen and Speleo Club Beziers and of course 3D La Salle Team. Also activ member of the Caving-Club ARGE Blaukarst which found after 5 years digging a dry connections to one of the biggest caves of germany - the Blauhoehle (Hessenhauhoehle). Producer of the Cave Calendar "Underground Worlds"  (publisher ARGE Höhle&Karst Grabenstetten). Winner of some cave photo competitions in europe, puplications in different magazines. My drive of making photos in caves is to make very nice pictures, which shows the fantastic underground world. If big rooms or small macro formations - there is always a challenge! The cave photographing is for me always a honor of a good team.” You are always so good like the persons which help you”.