Peter Bosted




Peter and Ann Bosted have been taking cave photos together ever since they met in 1982. Peter learned photography while working in his family's photo lab in Los Angeles, while Ann honed her skills as a journalist in South Africa. Together they have photographed caves in many countries, including Mexico, Belize, Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. Their photos have appeared in many publications, including their calendar, CAVES (1995-1999), and on their web site, For the past ten years, their cave photography has been in 3D (stereo). Ann authored the book “Gems of the Golden State, a guide to the 15 best caves to visit in California” and Peter co-authored the book “Atlas of the Great Caves of the World”. Ann has spent over 20 weeks exploring, surveying, and photographing in Lechuguilla cave, while Peter has spent over 40 weeks in this cave. They presently live in Hawaii, where they enjoy mapping and photographing the many caves near their home on the Big Island."