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The team, created in 2009, was formed as an international non-profit cultural association in early 2010 and is made up of some of the best known 3D photographers of the international speleological and naturalistic panorama.



The association's objectives are synergy to promote the technical knowledge of stereoscopy and the production of 3D images in order to create fascinating audiovisuals aimed at raising public awareness of respect for the natural and cultural heritage.


What do we do

Sharing the photographic archives of the single authors of the team allows us to create three-dimensional audiovisuals and documentary videos. We specialize in land, aerial and underwater shooting with particular preference for caves and confined environments.


We also create three-dimensional models through the use of aerial and underwater photogrammetry that we apply in particular in the stratigraphic documentation of archaeological excavations or in the monitoring of coral reefs. Furthermore, the large availability of high quality images allows us to package specific photographic exhibitions of great international scope.


The videos we make allow visitors to tourist caves, archaeological sites, natural parks and permanent exhibitions to be able to enjoy a virtual and three-dimensional visit to places that for various reasons are not accessible to the general public. This allows to give added value to these places without generating any environmental impact.


The audiovisuals can be used through 3D televisions or special 3D projection rooms and installations, and through our itinerant 3D projection systems, they can also be presented in conferences, theaters, auditoriums, schools and squares.




3D projections
3D projections
The photo shows a 3D television with stereoscopic and audiovisual equipment  realized by Team.
The photo shows a 3D television with stereoscopic and audiovisual equipment realized by Team.