Csaba Egri


I’m 36 years old geographer, with a wife and three children. I started to go caving nearly 20 years ago, during the university. After I visited all the biggest Hungarian caves, I went some expedition abroad.

In 1999 my hobby become my job, when I started to work in the Speleological Department of the Ministry of Environment Protection and I still work there. My main job is to protect our caves, and make an update cave inventory, and documentation. So it was necessary to make some good cave photographs. In 2002 we tried to make some 3d pictures, and it was so success. From this moment I went to caving always with my two camera, and I made many 3d pictures from all the biggest Hungarian caves. Year by year I joined some big expeditions, and I were in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, France, USA, and now I have a big photo collection of the different caves and different formations. I often made 3d slide shows in Hungary, to illustrate for the public how the untouched caves look like, and I try to improve my technics and develop my collection, because so many people don’t understand why we go down under the surface. I try to show them all of the underground beauties, and maybe the 3d technics is the best for this.

I’m the member of the Hungarian Speleological Society and the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service.