Peter Gedei


Peter Gedei is internationally acclaimed cave photographer, involved over 20 years in cave photography. As a cave photographer he recieved a numerous awards on domestic and international contests and published photographies in magazines, books and calendars. In year 2010 he won the first prize in Slovenian best photography competition among 8500 received photographies. He is a member of Speleo Club Železničar from Ljubljana since 1987. In 2004 he joined the Stereo Club Ljubljana from Slovenia and since then has been intensely engaged in 3D photography and video. Author of many 3D multivisions and recipient of multiple international photo awards. In 2007 he switched to digital 3D cameras and besides 3D photography also expresses himself with 3D video. He lives and works in Ljubljana and is, beside member of La Salle 3D Team, also editor of Slovene caving magazine Jamar and co-founder of Place3D. 
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