3D installation

-Technical solutions for 3D presentations:


The image shows of the team can be viewed with several different methods. The best method for a given location depends on the size of the audience and the available space. One method is a rear-projection box (shown here), such as the one currently installed in the Focus Terra museum at the ETH institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

For a larger venue, it is possible to take advantage of existing structures in an exhibit hall, as in the example illustrated here.


Another method is to have interactive audience participation, using a computer mouse and monitors. This is a specialty of our team.

For smaller venues with high levels of ambient lighting, a solution shown here can be used. This system uses a small projection box with two screens and semi-transparent mirrors. This is well suited to smaller locations with poor ventilation, and is robust and requires little maintenance.


The shows can also be viewed on 3D televisions using either active shutter glasses or passive polarized glasses.